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What is Propsavvy?

Propsavvy is the worlds 1st global online portal... for all things property!


We Truly are Revolutionary

Our Property Savvy 'think tank' have been gathering 3 times a week for the last 2 years to guarantee that our users will enjoy an experience unlike any other property website on the internet.


Global Property Community

Propsavvy have united the global property industry so you can make Savvy decisions in all things property. Share, compare, view and review....Learn and discover, ask and understand when it comes to property simply make sure your Propsavvy!

On All devices

Our Savvy Developers have been tirelessly working to create an online property platform that offers you the same high quality user experience across all of your media devices.

With 360° functionality

Unlike other websites that sacrifice functionality for stripped down versions of their desktop sites Propsavvy offer you full functionality across all platforms keeping you in total control of all your property needs all the time.


Find property to rent & for sale from the worlds greatest agents and private vendors. Ask questions with realtime responses, receive alerts and arrange viewings with a single click of the mouse.


Find property related products from the worlds best retailers. Become a savvy shopper and find the best deals on all your property needs. Furniture, TV and entertainment, Beds, Kitchen appliances, plus so much more...


Find qualified and approved local tradesmen and professional service providers like plumbers, electricians, mortgage brokers etc. See their work, read testimonies, watch videos and ensure you make savvy decisions before hiring.


Watch videos from our users, industry experts and our official sponsors about all things property. Share, like and comment on 'Funny Video', 'Informative Videos', 'Beautiful home Videos', 'How too Vids' and so much more!


Gain access to 1000's of property related articles which will help you to make savvy decisions in the property industry. Hear eactly what the experts think and compare company views.


See user generated and professional HD property images. Gain ideas, learn about the technical aspects of property photography or simply spend hours enjoying images from across the globe.

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