Treating your home in the new year

With all of the Christmas excitement wriggling its way into our homes this season, we can all admit we’ve had fun stringing up the tinsel, turning on the reels and reels of coloured lights, and popping the traditional family topper on the tip of the tree. However, come new year, we have to store the wreaths and baubles away for another year and let our homes return to normal – we know, an entirely sad affair.

So, when the decorations come down this year, why not take the opportunity to give your home a new year refresher? There’s no better way to go into 2016 than with a home that feels as rejuvenated from the Christmas break as you do!

In with the Polyfilla

When we’re feeling run-down, we treat ourselves to a bit of time off, a face mask, and a revitalising smoothie, and our homes deserve the same treatment! If the Christmas rush (or just the toll of the year) has meant your home has seen better days then Polyfilla over those inevitable holes from your festive décor, and give the place a lick of paint. A smart paint touch-up, combined with having the windows thrown open for a day, will really bring freshness to any room.

Clear out the clutter

Christmas always brings with it hoards of treats and trinkets from loved ones, and finding homes for them all can be a struggle, so have a good new year clean up and get rid of any clutter that isn’t wanted or used. Donate it to charity for some karma points!

Pick a new colour

There are some really simple ways to change your interior without spending lots of time or money on the process, and new year is a great opportunity to think about giving your home a new look. One of the easiest ways is to change your focus colours in the room, or to throw in a few new ones! The January sales are a brilliant time to find beautiful homeware items at a fraction of the price, meaning you can scatter some new cushions, treat yourself to new curtains, or even nab some half-price kitchen bits!

Frame your Christmas

Having happy photos and wonderful memories on your walls is one of the ways that you make your home your own, and what better opportunity to snap some keepers than at Christmas when the whole family are together? Some of the best photos are taken in paper Christmas hats with glasses of mulled wine after the plates have been emptied, so how about taking the new year to have some of these memories blown up in frames or on canvasses to bring new life to your home? One a year, every year, would make a lovely focal point in a few years’ time.

If you’re looking for expert advice on how to rejuvenate your home in the new year, get in touch today! We’re full of ideas on how to make the best of your property in 2016.