The man-cave is dead, long live the she-shed!

As the Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year competition drew to a close, the programme saw all sorts of useful spaces created inside sheds. They looked at cabins, summer houses, workshops and studios. The shed exteriors weren’t always traditional, from burger vans to potting sheds. The interiors were even less ordinary, ranging from photography studios to pixie hideouts. With all this inspiration, is it any wonder that sales of she-sheds have rocketed in the past year? Nobody wants to let their other half have all the fun, so women are starting to learn how to create some amazing spaces for themselves.

The garden office.

As we move deeper and deeper into the online era, the traditional office based job is no longer appropriate for everyone. Many career women don’t want to compromise on time with their children or give up their jobs. So the natural solution is to work from home. The problem is, concentrating at home is very dependent on being able to switch off from everyday life. The best possible solution is to move your office into the garden. A she-shed holds an inexpensive, innovative way of working from home whilst setting yourself apart slightly from the chaos of family life.

The hobby hole.

Much like work, keeping up a hobby can require a lot of concentration and is often done away from demanding children, barking dogs and nagging husbands. In this age of digital photography, many people take this up as a hobby that fits nicely alongside capturing family memories. A photography studio in the shed also gives people the opportunity to get involved with the movement of returning to film. For crafty ladies, a she-shed offers an opportunity to knit, sew, draw, paint and create in the peace and tranquility of your own space.

Relax and socialise.

The man-cave was traditionally the last remaining memory of a bachelor pad for men who had succumbed to family life. Whilst some chose just to fill it with rusty tools and plant pots, others would go to town on creating a space with sofas, pool tables and even a bar. Now women are realising that they can do just the same. What could be better than your own log cabin in the garden with a bar, a veranda, comfy seats and a television? It has become a place to relax and somewhere to entertain friends.

Whatever next?

With children having increasingly extravagant Wendy houses to play in, perhaps the future of sheds isn’t for the grown ups at all. Every child loves a den. Better still is a den with all the latest gadgets. Whether that’s a shed in the garden, a sturdy tree-house or even an elaborate homemade den, it will always be a space for the children to call their own. A place that you can leave as untidy as you like without parents complaining, because they’ll never be in there. So perhaps the next generation of sheds will see parents taking back the house. Look out for the rise of the mini-mansion.