The biggest turn-offs for house hunters

Unless you are lucky enough to live in an area of high demand, perhaps due to outstanding schools, excellent transport links or particularly desirable surroundings, selling your home can be an inexact science with no certainty over the length of time it will take to secure an offer. It is the uncertainty that can cause considerable anxiety for homeowners and, when other properties in the vicinity sell first, the frustration can mount considerably.

Therefore, it’s wise to be aware of some of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to buying property that could have your potential buyers leaving before they’ve even given your home the full viewing that it deserves.

Dirty bathrooms and kitchens

If there’s one thing that prospective buyers can’t stand, it’s dirty bathrooms and toilets, according to one survey of 4,000 people carried out by property portal Rightmove. Over one half identified these as a significant no-no when it comes to viewing properties; bathrooms and kitchens rate as two of the most well-used rooms in the family home where good hygiene is of paramount importance. Not only that, but many viewers try to imagine a property as if it was their own, so expecting them to envisage relaxing in a grimy bath or preparing food in a greasy kitchen simply isn’t going to do the trick.


You may think the cat lazing on the back of your sofa is the stuff of picture postcards, or the budgie throwing Trill round the spare room like shrapnel is rather amusing, but your viewers simply may not. Including your pets on the tour of your home may be instantly off-putting to house hunters that don’t like animals and sound alarm bells in the ears of viewers whose children have allergies. Although it may be slightly inconvenient for the occasion, you should remove the pets altogether.

Unfashionable bathrooms

Aubergine may have been the in-thing in the 1980s but it definitely won’t appear in this month’s edition of ‘You and Your Home’. An outdated bathroom suite may cost you a sale and, even if you receive an offer, could knock thousands off the price. A cost-effective solution is to simply replace the suite with an inexpensive white alternative from a DIY store, which can be fitted relatively cheaply. There’s no need to invest in costly wall tiles as simple, plain ones will give your bathroom fresh appeal.

Taking steps to present your home in the best possible light is one thing, but equally important is to ensure that your property isn’t plagued by the sins which viewers find most off-putting. Inviting a friend to tour your home objectively before it is placed on the market could be the best way to ensure that it is presented perfectly for potential buyers to visit.

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