How your garden can help sell your home

We all know that when you want to sell your property it’s important for your home to be beautifully presented. However, even the most savvy property expert can underestimate the importance of an attractive garden when it comes to selling a house. Below are some top tips to help your garden sell your home.

Less is sometimes more

While a lush, green, well-stocked garden is a definite selling point, it’s important to know when to stop. You might enjoy the eclectic look in your garden but to the eye of a potential buyer, there’s a fine line between cosy and chaotic. Too many plants can assault the eye and overload the brain, as well as making your garden appear smaller than it actually is. Thinning your plants slightly can give a better impression of space and result in a more calming atmosphere.

Create kerb appeal

Nobody’s going to buy your house if you can’t entice them through the front door. Your front garden is the first thing potential buyers will see, so it’s more than worthwhile investing a little time and effort getting things in order. Mow the lawn, sweep up leaves, and weed the flowerbeds. More importantly, prune any hedges or trees which might be restricting the level of sunlight filtering into your home.

Add eye-catching colour

A splash of colour visible from the kerb creates a welcoming, homely feel. A pretty pot of flowers next to the front door provides an attractive focal point, and using highly scented plants such as lavender can provide a delicious scent to boot.

Dust off the cobwebs

Disposing of any cobwebs, moss, algae and other unwanted guests is a quick job but can instantly make a garden feel fresher and more vibrant. Replacing tired-looking decking or patios is obviously an expense you could do without. Save money by investing in a pressure-washer to give them a new lease of life. Clean paving and decking looks newer, fresher and more valuable.

Sell the lifestyle

Dress the garden to demonstrate how your potential buyer could use the space once the garden is theirs. If you have a table and chairs, set the scene with lemonade and glasses to demonstrate that the space is ideal for afternoon drinks. String bunting or fairy lights along fences to create a garden party atmosphere, or set up a game of croquet to show that the space can be used by the whole family.

Create a view

Keep in mind that the vast majority of the time your garden will be viewed from the house itself. Use the windows as picture frames to capture pleasing views down the garden. A strategically placed urn or an attractive plant can act almost as a living piece of art when viewed from the house.

These simple tips can extend the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere of your home right through into your garden and should help contribute to a speedy sale.