How to take stunning property photos that sell

With more and more property buyers searching online before even stepping into an estate agent, property photographs have become more valuable than ever. Yet they are often a weak point which many sellers overlook when trying to sell their property. Ensure you make it to the top of prospective buyers’ must-see lists with these simple steps to make your property photos as attractive as possible:


While handheld cameras are great for snapping quick pics, to truly show off a property, your photographs must be level – wonkiness will distract from the subject. It’s a good idea to get a tripod, and even use a spirit level, to make sure your pictures are even.


Whatever the time of day, try switching on all the lights in your property before you photograph. This will give your photos a warm glow and make them more appealing. Get rid of unattractive dark corners by using a flash, or even a light stand to illuminate awkward spots. Pay attention to how light varies in your property throughout the day, and photograph each room when it experiences its best light.

Room preparation

With professional photography, a process known as ‘staging’ is often used to show a room’s function, which can inspire the viewer to think about how it would feel to live or work in that particular space. Try re-positioning furniture, setting out flowers on counter tops, or laying a table for dinner with decorations and candles. This can transform a somewhat boring photo into an attractive scene.


Deciding carefully which objects and features should be included in each image is key to creating eye catching, beautiful photographs. Study other property photos to understand what makes a picture pleasing and what a prospective buyer may like to see. Taking your time to compose each photo can really pay dividends on the final result. Frame what you’d like the viewer to notice in the photo, and try out different angles, such as diagonal, or even asymmetrical, rather than just simple straight-on views, to see which best creates a sense of spaciousness. Don’t place your camera too near any furniture, and remember that symmetry is generally attractive to the human eye.

Exterior shots

Take your exterior shots in the morning, especially during winter, as this is when the light is at its brightest and freshest. However, do also pay attention to how light hits your property at different times of the day, and see if there is a particular time of day where the light makes the exterior look particularly attractive.

Process the images

Professional photographers use software to optimise images, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same. Use a program like Adobe Photoshop to soften or sharpen images, and tidy up any imperfections.

Get professional help

If you are looking to make a quick sale, or want to ensure you reach the asking price, consider taking some lessons from a professional photographer, or even hiring a professional to take the photos. While it may appear to be an extra expense, if it makes your property more attractive to buyers, it could easily be cost-effective in the long run.