Have a very DIY Christmas this year

Some of the best things about the Christmas season can’t be bought: cosy evenings in with your family playing boardgames, helping your kids to make special festive cakes and bakes, and relaxing with a glass of wine while you wrap up some last minute presents.

Trying your hand at some DIY decorations can be a brilliant way to bring your family together and there are plenty of ideas out there for everyone to help with – from toddlers with short attention spans to grumpy granddads!

You can save money too, with some savvy tricks that will make your home look like it’s come straight out of a glossy property magazine! Read on to learn how…

Perfect paper chains

Do you remember making paper chains as a child? It’s a therapeutic and relaxing activity for adults and big kids to get on with in front of a festive movie, but it’s easy enough for even the little ones to get involved too.

While there are plenty of kits available to buy in the shops, it’s simple to make your own strips. Use sheets of newspaper or buy sheet music from a charity shop for a shabby-chic look, or just buy coloured paper and chop your own strips for a rainbow look.

It’s a look that works best in bulk, so get your family in a production line and churn out lots of chains to drape all over your tree and hang from the ceiling.

Snazzy salt dough

Salt dough is another childhood favourite – and for good reason. It’s incredibly cheap and easy to make, and like with the paper chains, it’s the perfect craft for all ages.

Get little ones stamping out shapes with cutters and let them decorate with poster paints and glitter glue. Adults and teenagers will enjoy painting more intricate designs, embedding beads and using pearlescent powders for a pretty shimmer.

Alternatively, plain white snowflakes of different sizes look very striking on the dark green of a pine tree for a rustic look.

Posh candles

Deliciously festive smelling candles abound in the shops at this time of year, and they often come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, candles couldn’t be easier to make yourself, and with some gorgeous scents to buy online, it’s a lovely way to make some pieces to decorate your home and knock out a few Christmas pressies while you’re at it.

Choose a soy wax with a low burning temperature for safety, and choose some beautiful receptacles for your candles. Charity shop teacups and saucers are a cute look, or tie some festive ribbon around a jam jar or mason jar and pour your wax into that.

Making your own Christmas decorations can save you cash and help to create some beautiful and lasting memories for you and your family, so what are you waiting for? Get crafty!