St. Valentine`s Day Gift Guide

St. Valentine`s Day is just around the corner and this is the day you may receive a gift from that someone special. However, if you have been too busy and haven`t had a chance to find a present worthy of your sweetheart, you are risking to leave them without gift at all. Now the time is really pressing!

Don’t worry about it, we have prepared a savvy Valentine’s gift guide for you! These cool gifts will melt the heart of your significant other and remind them how lucky they are to have you.

QR Code Jewellery (



Don’t know how to say “Love is forever” in an unusual or original way? Then this solution is for you! It is a truly beautiful and precious piece of jewellery with your own custom QR Code with hidden message hidden inside. It will always remind you of your loved one.

Kissender Robot


If you and your loved one are often kept apart from each other because of other commitments, contemporary technology has already invented an unlimited way for you to exchange kisses even from a distance. With this gadget you and your sweetheart can share a virtual kiss on two matching devices.

Taptap bracelets


It is sad to be apart for the whole day long, separated by busy schedule, though this gizmo can feel you touch and transfer it to your sweetheart on a matching device. You can invent your own language of touches and never feel alone during your time apart.

Mine and Yours ice-cream Maker (


If you and your sweetheart have a sweet tooth, no need to make ice cream in turns. Make two portions at the same time and enjoy its sweet taste.

Word Lock luggagelocks (


If your loved one travels a lot, they may have some difficulties memorizing number codes on the luggage locks.  However, we have the gift to fix this problem. With this lock you don’t need to remember the code, one important word can open or lock the luggage, for example, your pet names for each other.

Ring Light (


If you love taking photos but the light is never perfect enough, this is a device for you. Surround the camera lens with LED lights and all your pictures will now be bright and beautiful.

Nabaztag (


How can you keep in touch all day long in the cutest gadget yet, Nabaztag! The cute red eared rabbit is constantly connected to the Internet and will read your emails out loud to your love one and sing love songs and poems. Your sweetheart will absolutely love it.