Could neutral decor help sell your home?

There are any number of factors which could influence a buyer’s decision when you’re selling your property, from the local amenities to your nearest schools’ Ofsted reports and the buyer’s own personal needs. These are all factors completely outside of your control, but one thing you can influence is how your potential buyers see your home decor.

If it’s a bit old and tired, or your personal taste is a bit zany, you could find buyers are put off. People want to be able to envisage themselves living in your home, and the best way you can allow them to do that is by providing a blank canvas.

Bright colours and feature walls are great for adding some warmth and colour to your home, but they’re also very much down to your own personal style. If you’ve got a Barbie pink feature wall in the master bedroom, it might be tough for a single man to see themselves living there.

Likewise, if you decorate your home according to a specific theme and choose mismatched vintage furnishings or go for a very floral theme, you might turn off buyers whose taste is a little different to your own.

Savvy sellers will appeal to the broadest possible market and that means neutral colour and decor insofar as it’s feasible. A fresh coat of paint in light colours throughout the house is the cheapest way to make sure your property not only looks in its best condition, but also appeals to almost anyone.

If your potential buyer does prefer a more characterful style of decor, then all you’re doing is planting in their mind the seed of a blank canvas on which to start. On the other hand, if they prefer to keep things simple, then you’re making your property look like an attractive proposition because it won’t need much work.

For many, a lick of paint will do the job, but if your home has been on the market for a while and it isn’t selling, consider changing around some of the other decor. If it’s inhabited then it’s infeasible to get rid of, or change all of the furnishings, but by packing some of your clutter into boxes in the attic and removing some of your character from the property you could go some way to improving its saleability.

Try to target your buyers too; if it’s a small flat you’re trying to sell, the chances are it’s to a young couple or single person who might prefer modern decor and clean lines. With a family home you can inject a little more personality, leaving up some family photos or some of your kids’ drawings to allow anyone looking round to project their own lifestyle onto the property.

Whatever your style, any furnishings which are a bit shabby or down at heel are best kept out of sight lest they influence a potential sale – and of course, your property should always be sparkling clean for any viewings!