Christmas redecoration

Every year, it’s the same old thing – you climb the ladder to the loft, dig through battered cardboard boxes pulling out decorations which have seen better days but evoke special memories. ‘Remember this one?’, you say about a particular bauble, ‘I’ve had this since I was a kid.’ You sit in the living room with tinsel and lights in a tangle around you and prepare to decorate the tree.

Decorating the house at Christmas is a warm, lovely time, turning your home from its usual, tired state into something brighter.

Is there any reason it has to stop with the tree?

Redecorating the house at Christmas – redecorating the house FOR Christmas – that’s really getting into the spirit of things.

Decoration is not just for Christmas

Most people leave it far too long before they repaint their walls and bring a whole new vibrancy to their property. If you’ve just moved in, there’s a thrill about making it yours, and when you go to sell it and move on, expert advice states that if you invest in a lick of paint, it will add interest and value, but what happens in the meantime?

Look at the wall. Once, that colour was an exciting idea, but after years of staring at it hasn’t it become a little dull? There are so many other colour schemes out there, and so many different things that can be done.

What about making the very walls cry out with Christmas joy? Oh, we’re not talking anything silly – there’s no need to get a Santa stencil and permanently change the room into a shrine to the festive season, but wouldn’t a red wall beautifully offset how the tree would look this year? What about going for a cooler winter theme and changing the room to sky blue and white edging, especially with a general Christmas theme of silver tinsel?

Repainting your living room for Christmas may seem extreme, but come January when all the baubles go back into their newspaper wrappings, you are left with the best present of all – a home which gleams with a new energy, ready for the new year and everything it brings.

Spring clean or winter clean

There’s no doubt a redecorated room is a pleasure to spend time in, and it takes less time that you would think. An energetic desire on a Saturday morning can have the whole thing done by Sunday afternoon, and then the decorations go up to join in. Your family will love it, and the visitors that fill your house over the holiday will notice too, commenting on how nice the room looks. It’s also a great reason to move the furniture around and bring a whole new vitality to the area. Spring cleaning? Winter does it so much better.

Next year, when you fumble with the torch to find that cardboard box once more, you will smile to see a splash of paint on the side. ‘Remember last year,’ you will say, ‘when we redecorated the whole room? Well, I was thinking about the kitchen…’