Add value to your home

Property is a sound investment, so whether you’re putting your home on the market soon or plan to stay put for a few years yet, it’s well worth getting savvy and adding a new room, reinvigorating the interior or sprucing up building features such as windows and doors. These and many more changes can all add value to your home. Read on for our expert advice about practical changes you can make now, helping you get more bang for your buck when it comes to moving house.

1) Add a new room

In the property market, extra space is a boon. But that doesn’t mean owners of smaller houses have to miss out – one of the most popular types of extension at the moment is a conservatory or sunroom. That’s because they are the ideal solution for the UK’s unpredictable climate; a way to enjoy the outdoors without being soaked or getting wildly windswept, providing a comfortable, warm place from which to admire your garden or view year-round.

2) Convert your garage

Because installing a sunroom is a big project, involving large scale work and structural alterations, many people are under the impression it can only be carried out at great expense. But there are a range of options to suit different pockets, and increasingly popular these days is the conversion of already-existing rooms into sunrooms. One creative yet practical option for an extension is a garage conversion. These take underused spaces, used only as a storage space for (often forgotten about) possessions, and transform them into TV rooms, studies, children’s playrooms or sunrooms.

3) Showcase your garden

While adding an extension such as a sunroom should bring financial rewards, it’s not wise to invest in an extension at the expense of a garden. Homes with green spaces, whatever size, have huge appeal for house hunters. Gardening and growing your own fruit and veg are very popular pastimes right now, and in some urban areas gardens are much sought-after – hence long waiting lists for allotments in towns and cities across the UK. When your house is on the market, a well-kept garden with colourful blossom and lush greenery will hugely increase its appeal.

4) Get your glass gleaming

Few features spruce up a house quite like new windows. When it comes to larger home improvement jobs, sparkling windows are undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing. Double and triple glazing – the most common options these days – are energy efficient too, cutting heating bills. Experts agree new windows add value to a house and are a key part of what is known in the trade as ‘kerb appeal’ – that is, a property’s outer appearance, and often the deal maker (or breaker) when it comes to buying a home.

5) Create a beautiful kitchen

Long gone are the days of kitchens being merely a place to cook, before retreating to eat in the dining room or in front of the TV. For many homeowners they are a favourite place to be; to experiment with new recipes or bake a cake, to socialise with the family after school or have friends round for dinner. A kitchen that looks good and is practical can be installed for a reasonable price – if you shop around – but will pay dividends when it comes to pricing your property in the future.

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