8 unusual Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and while many people start their decorating towards the end of November, it’s not too late to get into the festive spirit. You may have your traditional, tired and worn out decorations in a box in a cupboard somewhere or hidden away in the attic, but how about bringing a sprinkle of sparkle and a little creativity with a fabulous new contemporary colour scheme to modernise your festive cheer?

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, it’s an opportunity to reflect your personality and bring your unique style out into the open. Here are eight different Christmas decorating ideas to get you started. Any of the ideas can be adapted to suit your theme and colour choices.

#1 Simple and elegant

What could be more beautiful than an evergreen tree, garlands and wreaths with white ornaments in different textures? Add a little delicate illumination with white twinkling lights wrapped around your tree or around evergreen branches in simple glass vases. Keep your place settings simple with crystal glasses, white china plates and silver cutlery with a simple folded white linen napkin and a sprig of mistletoe for decoration. To bring a little sophistication to the table you can add the soft glow of candlelight, with white candles placed in glass candlesticks surrounded with evergreen foliage or holly.

#2 Natural beauty

There’s a way to bring some natural beauty into your home with your Christmas decorations. Create tree decorations out of pinecones or tied bunches of cinnamon sticks, and fill glass baubles with snippets from your pine tree, attaching holly with berries and sprigs of mistletoe. If you’d like a wreath for your door then make it from willow twigs and add moss, pinecones, dried pomegranates and rosehips, or decorate a garland of evergreen with the same to place on your mantelpiece. To decorate your table, opt for wooden or other natural placemats and drinking goblets, while lanterns filled with chunky candles and surrounded by pinecones and greenery would be lovely. Add fruit like clementine oranges and cranberries with your favourite nuts still in their shells to your tabletop; not only will be they be delicious to nibble, but they bring another dimension to your table decoration.

#3 Carnival colours

If you’re looking for a more vibrant and colourful impact, then why not go for some bright carnival coloured ornaments set against a snow white tree? Hues of pink, purple, green, orange, turquoise and red, brightly coloured fairy lights and bunting streamers are perfect. Decorate your table with bowls of coloured baubles or upturned wine glasses filled with smaller baubles and chunky candles in deep colours. You could also have brightly coloured plates and glasses with napkins in different colours, and glittery masks for your guests to wear during dinner. Balance this bold colour palette with a crisp white tablecloth and a silver glitter runner.

#4 Heavy metal

Decorating for Christmas with a heavy metal colour scheme is easier than you think. Opt for a black Christmas tree and decorate with bronze, silver, gold or gun-metal grey ornaments in different textures. Think metallic and shimmer, so accent your home with glittery ribbon and tinsel, and make a wreath or tree shaped decoration using metallic coloured baubles. To decorate your table, opt for a copper glittery tablecloth and gold coloured napkins secured with silver glitter ribbon. Silver goblets or metal rimmed glasses will look gorgeous on your table alongside black plates and serving bowls or platters. Shimmery metallic coloured votive glasses with candles will really set the mood and provide a little extra shine.

#5 Silver blue

One of the most dazzling Christmas colour combinations has to be silver and different hues of blue, from turquoise all the way through to indigo. Picture a white tree, with tinsel in sparkly silver or shades of blue that will glimmer and twinkle, adorned with different shaped and textured ornaments to match. A wreath made from silver tinsel and decorated with baubles and other ornaments in blue would be perfect for your door. You can also buy fairy lights in a shade of iridescent blue and bright white to would add something extra to the theme, and hanging strings of baubles and garlands from the ceiling would look divine. You can create a snowy table theme with a white tablecloth, silver runner, napkins with ribbons and a snowflake decoration in different blue shades, and adding silver or turquoise beads to the table would look stunning.

#6 Dusky pastels

This can be a variation on the carnival colour theme using more subdued colour tones, but you may wish to limit the colour palette to one or two colours instead. Dusky pink and lavender work very well together, as do baby blue and pink, or perhaps you want a more citrus based theme of pastel lemon, lime and orange. The best kind of trees to use with pastel colours would either be white or cream, as a green tree would draw attention away from the subtle pastel shades. This colour scheme would fit very well with shabby chic-style ornaments, and soft subdued fairy lights or lanterns would look amazing. Set the table with a lace tablecloth, pretty napkins wrapped in pastel shaded pearl strings and cutlery tied with ribbons.

#7 Vintage variety

If you’re looking for nostalgia, then why not go for a touch of vintage? You can go for the traditional red and green if you wish, or you could consider other vintage colours like duck egg blue, scarlet red, off-white or cream. Think faded shades instead of bold and bright and go for a frosted or matt finish rather than sparkle and shimmer. There are lots of beautiful decorations available right now themed around the vintage look, as it’s one of the most endearing trends currently hitting the high street. There are other little touches you can add to stay within the vintage theme, like making your own wrapping paper, creating gift tags out of old Christmas cards and baking Christmas-shaped cookies to hang on the tree. For the table, you can use vintage china, lace table mats, crystal glasses and simple white napkins folded and tied up with string or red gingham ribbon.

#8 Single colour

One of the biggest trends at the moment is to choose one colour and go wild with texture to give a sense of depth and structure. There are so many colours to choose from but the most common seem to be white, gold or silver. You can find fabrics, trees, baubles, ornaments, table decorations, wrapping paper, ribbons, tinsel and pretty much everything you need in your chosen colour, and if you think just having one colour is boring, you really need to think about richness through sensation, not only to the eye but to the touch. Look for different consistencies in the colour of your choice, find things that sparkle and shimmer, but also things that are rough, smooth, hard, soft, grainy or silky. This single colour theme should embrace every element of your design, so choose your favourite colour and just let your imagination run amok.

This article has given you some ideas for the best way to decorate your home for this festive season, and some of the decorating solutions will not only look amazing but may even save you some money too, as you learn how to make your own ornaments, wrapping paper, table settings and other festive decorations. May you have a wonderful holiday season and here’s wishing you all the best wishes for you and your home in 2016.