5 ways to furnish your home for free

When it comes to acquiring furniture, we’re quickly running out of reasons to part with our hard earned cash. Long gone are the days of the matching 3 piece suites and buying branded furniture on HP. Nowadays savvy property owners all over the country are jumping on the retro-vintage bandwagon and reaping the crazy cash benefits that come with it.

Great TV shows like ‘Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free’ are showing us that filling a property with fun, fashionable and free furniture couldn’t be simpler. Here are 5 easy ways for you to live in the lap of luxury whilst still saving money.

1 – Freebie websites

Dozens of freebie websites specialise in putting furniture owners in touch with people seeking free furniture. Websites like Freecycle, Preloved and Gumtree are among the most popular, allowing anyone to sign up and start shopping easily. You’ll find a stunning variety of high quality free items listed ranging from wooden tables, chairs or sofas to white goods like fridges and freezers. Most of the time property owners are getting shot of the item not because there is anything wrong with it but so they can create more space, prepare for a big move or just because they are hooked on renovating their homes. Scouring the web is a great way to fill your home for free.

2 – Wombling free

This doesn’t mean hoarding litter collected on Wimbledon common, although it is amazing how much stuff people throw out without considering its value or use. Expert advice in money saving is bound to include the joys of skipping, and no, this isn’t the jump-rope kind. Skipping is the art of finding brilliant items people have chucked out in their skips. Although it’s clear they have no further need for the discarded item, it’s still good etiquette to knock on the property owner’s door and ask if they would mind if you took it. They are invariably going to say yes.

3 -University campuses

Strolling around university campus bin areas on the day students are set to move out is well worth the time and trouble. There’s guaranteed to be an abundance of trendy hidden treasures that students simply couldn’t fit in their parents’ cars before departing on their travels for the summer.

4 – Get sociable

Local Facebook pages and groups are popping up all over the place to help people pick up unwanted items without having to travel too far. Property owners wanting to shift large furniture items quickly or people wanting their beloved items to go to a new loving home are using Facebook groups to share and swap items easily. Check out the listings for your local area and see if you can’t pick yourself up something beautiful for your home.

5 – Waste not want not, as the old saying goes

Art galleries and design studios are flooding the market with their amazing innovative up-cycled designs. Browsing through catalogues and exhibitions will inspire you to turn your old suit cases into chairs or your old glass jars into lampshades. With a little bit of imagination you’ll be cutting down your waste and filling your homes with beautiful items in no time.

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